Minimum requirements

  • ExamineX runs on .NET Framework 4.7.2 (ExamineX does not currently support .NET Core)
  • Umbraco version 8.4.0+
  • Examine version 1.0.3
  • Azure Cognitive Search subscription (minimum Free tier if only working with 3 indexes)
  • Umbraco Forms (if applicable) version 8.4.0+


Install and upgrade is done via nuget:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco

You will then need to enter a couple configuration settings. Once installed ExamineX will be automatically enabled.

See Licensing for more information about the types of licenses and what the limitations are without a license.


If you are using Umbraco Forms then you will also need:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco.Forms

If you are using UmbracoExamine.PDF then you will also need:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco.PDF


PM> Update-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco

Pre Releases

Nightly builds are available from a MyGet feed: You can add this feed directly to your Visual Studio settings or your NuGet.config file at the root of your solution.

You can also use the -Source nuget parameter. For example to install:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco -Pre -Source

and to upgrade:

PM> Update-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco -Pre -Source