Azure Search Service Tier Limits

There are some Azure Search service tier limits that you will need to be aware of since these limits can impact ExamineX indexing operations.

The Service limits in Azure Cognitive Search page shows the details of all limits between tiers. Please be sure to read this document to be aware of any restrictions that may affect you with the tier you are using.

Some of the important ones to be aware of are:

  • Index limits
    • Free Tier
      • 3 Indexes maximum. This will work for Umbraco since by default Umbraco only requires 3 indexes, however if you use the Examine.PDF or Umbraco.Forms packages, both of these require one additional index.
    • Basic Tier
      • 100 Fields maximum. This is the only tier with this restriction which may be problematic if you are indexing a lot of fields. There is a work around for this by limiting the fields that go into the index. This will typically work in most cases because generally searching isn’t required on more than 100 fields.
  • Storage limits
    • Free Tier
      • 50 MB storage limit maximum. The Free tier will still work for smaller sites but if document counts become high, this limit may be reached.