You can run ExamineX without a license for FREE but some restrictions apply

If you do not have a license file, your license is expired, or the license information (i.e. your Azure Cognitive Search service name or site friendly name) is inconsistent, then ExamineX will show as unlicensed in the Umbraco back office and some indexing operations will be limited.

Expired/Unlicensed limitations are:

  • Indexes will be created and can be rebuilt.
  • A maximum of 100 documents will be allowed per index.

License file location

If you have obtained a license file it must be named ExamineX-Azure-Umbraco.lic and stored in any of these directories:

  • ~/ (web root)
  • ~/ (website root)
  • ~/App_Data
  • ~/config

NOTE: If you have a subscription based license another license file will be periodically created called ExamineX-Azure-Umbraco.renewed.lic which is an updated timestamped license file. This file shouldn’t be persisted to your code repository or part of your deploy scripts, ExamineX will manage this file internally.

Licensing is Per Site

Each license is licensed against a combination of your Azure Cognitive Search service name and your site’s Friendly Name that you defined during license creation. This combination is what defines a “single website” and can be used in single server setups to load balancing, auto-scaling, multiple domains, etc…

It is not possible to use the same license on a different Umbraco website because the index file locations are unique to the licenced info. A separate license will need to be purchased for each Umbraco website you with to use with ExamineX. See the ExamineX License Agreement for more details.

Contact support@sdkits.com if you need to change the registered service name or friendly name with your license.

Subscription license

The Subscription based (per year fee) license provides you with free software updates for the lifetime of the subscription. If the subscription lapses then the license will expire and the unlicenced limitations will apply.

One-time fee license

The One time fee license will continue to work for the lifetime of your website and provides you with 12 months of updates.

Should you wish to update ExamineX after the 12 month period, an upgrade license can be purchased to provide you with a further 12 months of updates and will cost $695 USD (exc. VAT). Contact support@sdkits.com to purchase an upgrade license.