Please ensure you read the common licensing documentation. This document is specific to ExamineX for Azure Search licensing requirements.

License file location

If you have obtained a license file it must be named ExamineX-Azure-Umbraco.lic and stored in any of these directories:

  • ~/ (web root)

If you cannot store the license file in the web root, it is possible to store the license file in Blob Storage for further flexibility (i.e. when using Azure zip deployments)

  • ~/ (website root)
  • ~/App_Data
  • ~/config

NOTE: If you have a subscription based license another license file will be periodically created called ExamineX-Azure-Umbraco.renewed.lic which is an updated timestamped license file. This file shouldn’t be persisted to your code repository or part of your deploy scripts, ExamineX will manage this file internally.