What is ExamineX?

ExamineX is developed for Umbraco and seamlessly swaps the default indexing and search engine from Lucene.Net to a hosted/managed solution on Azure Search. Since ExamineX is an implementation of Examine so you don’t need to make any code changes and you can continue to use all of the existing Examine and Umbraco APIs.

Why do I need it?

ExamineX is especially useful if you are hosting your Umbraco website on Azure App Service. It gives you the ability to store your indexes in a managed solution so you no longer have the limitations of file based indexes. Reliably persisted Umbraco indexes means nothing is out of sync between servers, and indexes don’t need rebuilding when your site is moved or scaled. This is a perfect solution for Umbraco websites hosted on Azure App Service and makes load balancing and auto-scaling that much easier.

What problem does it solve?

Umbraco by default uses Lucene as it’s index and search engine and for Lucene to work on Azure websites the files must be stored in the local “temp” storage instead of Azure’s main storage. This storage location is volatile and gets reset anytime Azure does maintenance or if you are auto-scaling. With ExamineX, there’s no more worrying about startup delays or downtime from index rebuilding and you don’t have to worry about the volatility of Azure website’s temporary local files, complex configuration options or work arounds.

ExamineX is developed by the creator of Examine.

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