ExamineX version 3.0 beta is out and now supporting Umbraco v9 on .NET 5 🎉

Installation & Configuration

The documentation has been updated to support the new version. You can checkout the installation guide here.

Configuration is now done according to .NET 5 standards but the setting names remain consistent with v1-2. The docs for configuration have been updated too.


The difficulat part of upgrading to v3 of ExamineX is the Umbraco v9 upgrade path. ExamineX itself hasn’t changed very much from v2 apart from using the new Examine v2.x and Umbraco v9.x APIs.

Any Azure Search indexing data that already exists will be compatible with ExamineX 3.

All subscription based licenses for ExamineX are able to upgrade to new major versions. If you have a non-subscription license for ExamineX and wish to upgrade, see the Licensing docs for more info.