Minimum requirements

  • ExamineX runs on .NET Framework 4.7.2 (ExamineX does not currently support .NET Core)
  • Umbraco version 8.4.0+
  • Examine version 1.0.3
  • Azure Cognitive Search subscription (minimum Free tier if only working with 3 indexes)
  • Umbraco Forms (if applicable) version 8.4.0+


Install and upgrade is done via nuget:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco

You will then need to enter a couple configuration settings. Once installed ExamineX will be automatically enabled.

See Licensing for more information about the types of licenses and what the limitations are without a license.


If you are using the UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure then you can take advantage of having your PDFs and other Office documents automatically indexed into the Umbraco content indexes (i.e. Internal and External indexes). With UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure configured, you can install this package to enable media document indexing:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco.BlobMedia

See the Media guide for more details.

If you are using Umbraco Forms then you will also need:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco.Forms

If you are using UmbracoExamine.PDF then you will also need:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco.PDF


PM> Update-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco

Pre Releases

Nightly builds are available from a MyGet feed: You can add this feed directly to your Visual Studio settings or your NuGet.config file at the root of your solution.

You can also use the -Source nuget parameter. For example to install:

PM> Install-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco -Pre -Source

and to upgrade:

PM> Update-Package ExamineX.AzureSearch.Umbraco -Pre -Source