Why not get on board with Black Friday deals and add some discounts to ExamineX licensing… except these deals aren’t temporary!

Increased unlicensed limits

The current unlicensed limits were a max of 10 content items, or 100 content items when running in a development environment (like IIS Express launched from Visual Studio). We’ve now standardized this across any environment to be 100.

So now if you have 100 or less items in your Umbraco install you can use ExamineX unlicenced and it will work. This is great news for really small sites, it means you can use ExamineX for free which will work great with Azure Search’s free plan 😁

NOTE: You will still see the unlicenced banner in the back office under the Examine management dashboard

Reduced cost for yearly subscription

Previously the yearly subscription fee was $750 USD per year and this has now been reduced to $695 USD per year saving you $55 USD 🎉

New lower tier

In order to make ExamineX more approachable for smaller sites with smaller budgets, a new lower tier has been introduced. This tier will be $395 USD per year and will include document limits of 1000 items and will not include the Staging Site feature. This tier will work well for smaller sites that don’t exceed 1000 content items (content + media, or members).

You can see these new tiers and descriptions on the ExamineX product page.

New staging site feature

This is part of the 1.1.0 release.

A new feature is included in ExamineX allowing you to have a staging site running with staging indexes using your current license.

You can configure your staging site to either have your staging indexes in a separate search service or within the same search service. The configuration option is an appSetting.

NOTE: Not available on Basic plan.

By Index

<add key="ExamineX.StagingType" value="ByIndex" />

If this config option is applied, then the index names within the same search service will be suffixed with -staging. For example, for the Internal index with a friendly site name of “My Website”, the index name would now be my-website-internal-staging

By Service

<add key="ExamineX.StagingType" value="ByService" />

If this config value is applied, then the search service that will be used will be the search service name suffixed with -staging. For example, if you’re search service name is “website-search” then this will configure indexes and the client to use a search service called website-search-staging

NOTE: Any other value specified for this optional app setting will just be treated as if there is no staging configured.